Catching Up with AnOx Alum Krisztina Rozgonyi

//CGCS spoke with Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute Alum Dr. Krisztina Rozgonyi about her experience as a participant and how it influenced her future career path.  Dr. Rozgonyi is a partner at PRK Partners and the head of the technology, media and telecommunication law practice in the Hungarian office and serves as director of WorldBank/InfoDev program responsible for Infocommunication and Technology Development in the Eastern European and Central Asian regions, in partnership with Annenberg.

How did your experience at AnOx influence your future career path?

I would say it influenced my future path 500%. I was a participant almost 14 years ago in 1999, and since then I have participated as a guest speaker multiple times.  I would honestly say that my personal experience in those two weeks completely changed the way I think about regulation, media, global challenges, and national issues and responses, and I think it has really opened the horizons and my personal perspective on these topics. It helped me to do what I’m doing at the moment, which is working as a local and international expert in various countries.

For more than six years I worked as a telecom regulator in Hungary. That part of my professional life was highly influenced by AnOx, which gave me an open minded approach to the global challenges of media communications and specifically the very different approaches of different countries.  Since then I have been working as an international expert for various projects; for BBC, World Bank, UN, and I would say that my experience and personal growth while studying at AnOx have helped me immensely in these pursuits.

What were the highlights of your time at AnOx?

From a professional point of view, the most important take away from me was learning from the professors, who gave very detailed, very high level lectures, which were very useful in combination with the more open discussions we had with CGCS Director Monroe Price and other invitees.

As a guest lecturer I really liked meeting the wonderful mix of people who came from all parts of the world in many different practice and disciplines.

What are you working on now and how was that influenced by your time at AnOx?

At the moment I’m currently working with Annenberg on the World Bank/Info Dev project, through which my relationship with Annenberg through Anox has obviously made an important footprint. I’ve currently been working in Serbia for more than two years on a BBC project assisting the digital broadcasting switchover.  When I started my project with the BBC I met three lawyers in Serbia, and the first thing we all discovered is that we all participated as AnOx fellows.  As a key expert in the current project I had the responsibility to build my team, and knowing that they were also AnOx participants was the best sign for me that they would be great team members. Since then, they have worked as local experts for the project.

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