CGCS Media Wire celebrates 10th Annual Right to Know Day!

In celebration of the 10th Annual International Right to Know Day, CGCS Media Wire is compiling a list of online, useful resources to protect your Right to Know Internationally in our #10RTKD guide.

International Right to Know Day began on September 28, 2002, when freedom of information organizations from around the world came together in Sofia, Bulgaria and created the FOI Advocates Network, a global coalition working together to promote the right of access to information for all people and the benefits of open, transparent, and accountable governments. The members of the Network decided to commemorate this day as a way to share ideas, strategies, and success stories about the development of freedom of information laws and genuinely transparent governance in their own nations. and its host, the National Security Archive, were among the founding members of the FOI Advocates Network. -via

For an in depth history of Right to Know Day, head over to the official website. Check back for additional resources, events, FAQ and more! FOI Map FOI Map launches their interactive world map “on freedom of information laws” to mark the day’s event. The embedded, zoomable, scrollable interactive map highlights each individual country, and links interested users to the Freedom of Information legislation, laws & policy for a given country. An excellent resource!

Even Twitter is getting in on the participation, with #10RTKD as a popular trending topic today. Be sure to #hashtag related posts and retweets today! See more….


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