From the Editor: The Media Wire Goes Multilingual – and we need your help!

Editor’s Note:

Greetings CGCS Friends,

For all the monumental change that social media and blogs have done to move us towards a more open and transparent international society, one of the biggest hangups in the spread of information is language barrier. Bloggers and netizens from all countries are simultaneously contributing to a universal dialogue: a discourse on a global level. Despite the incredibly high speeds at which we are able to share information, the parts that are often most telling (such as context and connotation) are just as often lost in translation, if they arrive at all.

On behalf of the CGCS Media Wire blog, we wanted to take a moment to address one of our new and exciting initiatives. In the past, we have stood by our mission statement to provide critical, balanced analysis of international media law and policy issues from across the globe – be it the suppression of the freedoms of speech and information, issues of border-less journalistic integrity, open data, governance and various forms of modern transparency, understanding the trends of digital censorship, and changes in patterns of media literacy – through content access, analysis, generation, collaboration and so on.

Given our international scope and focus and the reasons for hosting such content, the CGCS Media Wire staff has kicked off an initiative to host content in multiple languages (see this recent post both in Chinese & English). The messages behind our posts resonate internationally.

At this point, users from all over the world can read our blog in a variety of languages through the Google Translate tool which should appear at the top of the website. These translations while helpful, are not always perfect.

With the help of Media Wire correspondents, staff, writers and friends we aim to translate our articles from English to a whole host of additional languages. If you are multilingual and are able help us out – please feel free to send us an email. Any and all help, in any and all languages would be appreciated – though focus on recent articles into languages relevant to the content discussed takes priority.

Currently we’re looking for volunteer help primarily in Farsi, Chinese, Urdu and Russian.

That said, we thank you for recent overwhelming support!

Thank you for your time,
The CGCS Media Wire Staff


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