Catching Up with AnOx Alum Siija Yang

//CGCS interviewed current 1st year PhD student Siija Yang about his experiences as an Annenberg- Oxford Summer Institute participant and the impact the program had on his current research focus.

What impact did attending AnOx have on your future career path?

The biggest benefit was being able to connect to people who I can now rely on for research advice.  Although the AnOx program has a focus slightly different from mine- it was more focused on media institutions and regulations, more top down, whereas I focus on bottom up- it was still very beneficial to me.  I was able to meet two Chinese professors from the University of Beijing and informal conversations with them really helped to define my research interests. Currently I’m focused on public opinion in China and the influence of knowledge of online censorship in the processing of messages.  We discussed some interesting possible core psychological processes that I could explore in my research on information processing.

Afterwards I formulated a research proposal and it is through the help of CGCS Director Monroe Price and the connections CGCS has that enabled me to make contacts in China, where I will be able to pursue my research on this topic this summer.

What were the highlights of the AnOx program?

The biggest highlight of AnOx was interacting with people from all different countries. I always thought that censorship was really a Chinese problem, but it made me see that there is censorship all over the world. Other countries are in similar situations.  There are both commonalities and also differences in their situation, but it broadened my perspective on the issue.

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