CIMA and Open Society Foundations Launch Digital Media Visualization Mapping Tool

This week, the Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) in a partnership with the Open Society Foundations (OSF) announced the online publication of a new “interactive map featuring digital media indicators from OSF’s Mapping Digital Media Project.”

The project’s aim was to provide in depth reports for over 60 countries, examining changes in media landscape. These shifts can lead to positive discourse and dialogue “between researchers, policy-makers, activists, academics and standard-setters across the world,” and according to their website, “The aim of the MDM project is to assess the impact of these changes on the core democratic service that any media system should provide.”

As an additional resource, the MDM puts out a collection of background research papers on “key topics related to digital media” forming what the project calls the Mapping Digital Media Reference Series.

Working with OSF, CIMA helped identify relevant and important media indicators, grouping them into reports that can be accessed on the mapping tool in an easy to use visual aid.

To visit the Mapping Digital Media Project and explore the OSF media reports, click here.

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