Video: Digital Dissent and the Egyptian Revolution: Social Media and the Challenge to Authoritarian Rule

On October 23rd, David Faris spoke at  Annenberg  on his new book, Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age: Social Media, Blogging, and Activism in Egypt at an event co-hosted by the Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS) and Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication (PARGC). View the video from the event below:

Dr. Faris is a lecturer and researcher in the department of Political Science and Public Administration at Roosevelt University and director of the interdisciplinary International Studies program. He spent a year and a half in Cairo, Egypt between 2006 and 2011 interviewing activists, journalists, and students for his book, in which he argues it was circumstances particular to Egypt, more than the ‘spark’ from Tunisia, that allowed the revolution to take off: namely blogging and digital activism stretching back into the 1990s, combined with sustained and numerous protest movements and an independent press. Dissent and Revolution in a Digital Age tracks the rocky path taken by Egyptian bloggers operating in Mubarak’s authoritarian regime to illustrate how the state monopoly on information was eroded, making space for dissent and digital activism.



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