Digital Freedom and its Limits: Global Public Policy and Debate Challenge ’12

The Global Public Policy Institute has recently partnered with the International Debate Education Association (UK), the IDEA Central Foundation, the European Council of Foreign Relations as well as the School of Public Policy at Central European University to organize the second round of the Global Public Policy and Debate Challenge (GDPPC). The Challenge is sponsored by the Open Society Foundation.

GDPPC is an ongoing written and oral policy competition for undergraduate students from around the world (deadline for the first task is November 30th 2012). This year’s challenge invites participants to explore the policy questions raised in the area of “Digital Freedom and its Limits.” Undergraduate students are asked to explore what policies governments or other groups should adopt to enhance the potential of digital technology to benefit individuals and societies. It also encourages debates about the limits on internet freedom and covers issues related to social networks, privacy, child safety, freedom, censorship, democracy, transparency, national security and much more. They are asked to submit two written memos and to present their ideas at a final forum in Budapest. Students have a chance of receiving one of up to five $10,000 scholarships to pursue their graduate studies.

We hope this will spark interest and reward the most thoughtful and innovative students to further engage on key global issues and ask you to please consider distributing this to your undergraduate students who might be interested. I have copied more detailed information below.

Click here to download a .pdf with more information

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