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Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom

February 21, 2012
02:00PM - 03:00PM

University of Pennsylvania Bookstore
3601 Walnut Street

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As corporations and countries square off for control of the Internet, the likely losers are us, unless we act to protect our freedoms.

Facebook, Flickr, Research in Motion, Yahoo, Ericsson, and Google: What do they have in common? They are technology companies that, while drawing the rhetoric of cyberutopianism, are nonetheless willing—even keen—to undermine the freedom of their users whenever it suits them. Many nations are no better: China, Russia, Iran, and even the United States spy on their citizens, crush free expression, and otherwise import all of government’s worst habits into the digital frontier.

In Consent of the Networked, Internet policy specialist Rebecca MacKinnon argues passionately and convincingly that it is time for us to claim respect and protection for our rights and freedoms before they are sold, legislated, programmed, and engineered away. As the Arab Spring has shown, it is possible to demand what’s ours. But we must start now—time is running out.

Rebecca MacKinnon is Cofounder of Global Voices Online and a Fellow at the New America Foundation. MacKinnon is frequently interviewed by major media, including the New York TimesWall Street Journal,Washington PostFinancial Times, National Public Radio, BBC, and other news outlets. She lives in Washington, DC.

This event is being presented by the Spring 2012 CGCS Seminar Series, “Internet Policy Formation: Global Actors, Global Outcomes”