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Free Expression and Strategic Communication in the Global Digital Age: A Panel Discussion

April 16, 2015
12:00PM - 01:30PM

Annenberg School for Communication, Room 500
3620 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, 19104

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Speaker: Monroe E. Price, William W. Burke-White, Ellen P. Goodman, and Carolyn Marvin

Categories: Book Signing, Panel Discussion

In his most recent publication, Monroe E. Price provides a timely update to theories of free expression and strategic communication.

Vast changes in technologies and geopolitics have produced a wholesale shift in the way states and other powerful entities think about the production and retention of popular loyalties. Strategic communication has embraced these changes as stakes increase and the techniques of information management become more pervasive. These shifts in strategic communications impact free speech as major players, in a global context, rhetorically embrace a world of  transparency, all the while increasing surveillance and modes of control, turning altered media technologies  and traditional media doctrines to their advantage.

Building on examples drawn from the Arab Spring, the shaping of the internet in China, Iran’s perceptions of foreign broadcasting, and Russia’s media interventions, this book exposes the anxieties of loss of control, on the one hand, and the missed opportunities for greater freedom, on the other. “New” strategic communication arises from the vast torrents of information that cross borders and uproot old forms of regulation. Not only states but also corporations, nongovernmental organizations, religious institutions, and others have become part of this new constellation of speakers and audiences.

Panelists include Monroe E. Price, Director of the Center for Global Communciation Studies, Annenberg School for Communication, William W. Burke-White, Richard Perry Professor and Inaugural Director, Perry World House; Deputy Dean and Professor of Law, Ellen P. Goodman, Professor of Law, Rutgers University, and Carolyn Marvin, the Frances Yates Professor of Communication, Annenberg School for Communication.


To purchase Monroe Price’s book please click here.