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When Expectations for Results Come Too Early: Innovative Measures and Methods

December 11, 2013
12:00PM - 01:30PM

Annenberg School for Communication, Room 300

This session will offer ideas about what it is meaningful to measure in the short-term, particularly when communications are involved. It will emphasize measures that not only demonstrate progress, but also contribute to ongoing strategic learning and adaptation. The session also will focus on innovative and cost-effective methods for capturing those measures, and provide real-life examples of how they have been used both domestically and internationally.

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Bits and Atoms: Information and Communication Technology in Areas of Limited Statehood

December 9, 2013
01:00PM - 02:00PM

Annenberg School for Communication, Room 500

Bits and Atoms (co- edited by Steven Livingston and Gregor Walter-Drop) looks at the role of information and communication technologies in enabling local communities and NGOs working in areas of limited statehood — places where the state’s capacity at service provision and application of legitimate force is limited or non-existent.

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