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Shaping Palestinian Media: A Case Study in Western Funding, NGO Actions and Internal Pressures

February 7, 2013
12:00PM - 01:30PM

Annenberg School for Communication, Room 300
3620 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Categories: Seminar

This talk considers the role of Western powers in establishing and influencing media institutions in the Middle East. Drawing on the Palestinian territories as a primary case study, it considers the motivations that underpin Western funding of Palestinian media as well as the limitations that are imposed on
local expression by such financial arrangements. Addressing theories of globalization, hybridity and international diplomacy, the talk analyzes specific, locally produced television programs in order to identify the power relations that help shape them. Ultimately, the talk argues for the need to move beyond structural, economic analysis and engage in local production study in order to understand these complex, highly asymmetrical forms of international media coproduction.