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WS21: Intermediaries’ Role and Good Practice in Protecting FOE

September 5, 2014
11:00AM - 12:30PM

Workshop Room 1 (Rumeli Ground Floor/Room B1)

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Internet intermediaries play a unique role in linking authors of content and audiences. Given their role in capturing, storing, searching, sharing, transferring and processing large amount of information, data and user-generated content, the actions of these actors may either protect or jeopardize end user rights to free expression. This role is particularly prominent in the cases of search engines and Internet-service providers (ISPs), hosting providers, cloud computing services, online social networks and media houses.

This session will be an opportunity to present and discuss the results of a brand new research project on Internet intermediaries, commissioned by UNESCO, Open Society Foundation and the Internet Society. This report is using a case study methodology to provide insights on how Internet intermediaries – including search engines, social media and ISPs – address freedom of expression issues across a range of jurisdictions, circumstances, technologies and business models.

This workshop aims to trigger discussion on the outcomes of this research and to contribute to identifying principles for good practices and processes that are consistent with international standards for free expression. The launch of the UNESCO-OSF-ISOC findings and outcomes of the discussion will inform various actors, including Internet intermediaries and other stakeholders, and will also contribute to developing a set of good practices applicable across different regions.


5’ Openning remarks by Chair Mr Guy Berger, Director for Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development, UNESCO
10’ presentation by Ms Rebecca MacKinnon, commissioned leading author of the research on Internet intermediaries
5’ comment by Mr Jan Malinowski, Head of Information Society Department, CoE
5’ comment by Ms Lillian Nalwoga, researcher of CIPESA, Uganda.
5’ comment by Ms Avri Doria, Research consultant on Internet Architectures and Governance
5’ comment by Mr Patrick Ryan, ‎Public Policy and Government Relations Senior Counsel, Free Expression and International Relations at Google Inc.
5’ comment by Ms Ceren Unal, Bilkent University Faculty of Law, Turkey
5′ Mr Jean-Jacques Sahel, vice president of ICANN in Europe
50’ Discussions