Internet Policy Observatory

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There’s a fierce, significant debate—globally and within states—to set the rules for governance of the Internet. This is a debate about the nature of Internet freedom, about the structure of industry and about the fragility and stability of governments and the vitality of civil society. How the Internet eco-system will continue to have vast implications for institutions and, of course, individuals.

The Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania—has created the Internet Policy Observatory (IPO) to research the dynamic technological and political contexts in which these Internet governance debates take place. The IPO serves serve as a platform for informing relevant communities of activists, academics, and policy makers, displaying collected data and analysis. The Observatory encourages and sponsors research and studies ongoing events, key decisions and proposals, on Internet policy.

The IPO seeks to deepen understanding of the following:

•The evolution of mechanisms and processes that affect domestic Internet    policies in key jurisdictions;

•The legal, political, economic, international and social factors that influence    the implementation, or non-implementation, of such policies;

•The relationship between national efforts and international policy formations;

•The role of civil society in domestic Internet policy processes and control.

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Funding for this program is made possible in part by a grant from the US Department of State.

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