CGCS's research and publications activities seek to contribute to and help shape the field of global communication studies. Our research efforts emerge organically from the interests of Annenberg students and faculty, our grant programs, and the broader CGCS network.

The Use of IVR to Support Monitoring and Evaluation of Media Interventions: A Case Study of the VOTO System in Rwanda

This report explore the potential that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have as both a distribution and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool, noting the limitations the current state of IVR technology imposes. It seeks to demonstrate how phone technologies can 1) amplify the reach of radio programs; and 2) streamline (M&E) of radio programs. The report presents the findings of the United Stated Institute of Peace (USIP) funded grant, “Amplifying Peace: Testing Mobile Interaction in Rwanda.”

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Clarifying Goals, Revitalizing Means: An Independent Evaluation of the Freedom Online Coalition

This independent evaluation of the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) was commissioned by the Coalition as it approaches its fifth anniversary. The FOC sought input into a wider strategic review they are carrying out to assess its effectiveness with a particular focus on four areas – membership, governance and structure, the Coalition’s efforts and activities, and funding. The findings of this research show that there is significant support for the existence of the Coalition and for it continuation as a government only coalition. However, there are a number of criticisms of the FOC, including the lack of transparency about its activities, inadequate consequences for countries not meeting their commitments, and frustration at the ambiguity of the aims and objectives of the Coalition, and the few tangible results that have been produced so far. A number of respondents also talked about the ways in which the Snowden revelations have complicated efforts to work on Internet freedom.

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Assessing Impact, Evaluating Adaptability: A Decade of Radio La Benevolencija in Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC

The Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania conducted an evaluation of Radio La Benevolencija’s past ten years of work in the Great Lakes Region. In addition to understanding the aggregate impact of RLB’s programs, this meta-evaluation seeks to investigate what RLB’s work offers to others engaged in this field. We therefore seek to understand the adaptability of RLB’s methodology to other countries and contexts and how the RLB model might be used a prototype for future interventions.

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