The Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research, launched in London in 2002, serves as a hub for researchers, activists, and policymakers and provides a forum for open dialogue and scholarship related to media law and policy around the world.

Ongoing activities include:

  • The Stanhope Werkstatte–a group of young academics working to understand the general problem of Internet technology and policy;
  • Research on media in conflict and post-conflict zones and their relationship to crisis;
  • Hosting media and communications scholars in residence; and
  • Offering student research internships for MA and PhD students working in the field of media policy research.

The Stanhope Centre works closely with CGCS and offers opportunities to collaborate with academics in the London area, as well as internship options for American and other non-British scholars. Five Annenberg PhD students have conducted internships with Stanhope.

Stanhope Centre highlights:

  • Working with MA/PhD students across London. Numerous internship opportunities have brought a constant flow of graduate students from the LSE, the School of Oriental and African Studies, Cardozo Law School, Oxford University, Cambridge University and the Annenberg School.  While some of the students have had internships during the summer, others have complemented their MA programmes and have received supervision from Stanhope staff on their dissertations.
  • A long-term research project on flows of information in Somaliland.  This research project uses an innovative set of methods to understand the role of particular types of information in the state and nationbuilding process.
  • The East African programme is also in its final stages as two Stanhope Associates are working on a publication of Oral Histories of Eastern African Editors.
  • Working with the Annenberg School and Albany Associates on public opinion research in Darfur.

Past projects have included:

  • A UK government-funded East African Journalist Fellowship, run jointly with the LSE’s Crisis States Research Centre.
  • MetaLogo ICT project, which is funded by the EU and led by GTZ.
  • In conjunction with Annenberg, Stanhope prepared a study of the Iraqi media landscape for the National Commission for Media and Communications in Iraq. This study was featured at a conference on media development in Iraq held under UNESCO auspices in Paris in November 2006.
  • Stanhope Centre was a member of an Internews Europe-led consortium which was selected to implement a media regulation project in Russia.
  • In 2006, Stanhope hosted a group of TV Managers from Hunan Province, China, who were enrolled in a training programme by the University of Westminster’s China Media Programme.