Video: Digital Methods, Ethical Challenges

The Center for Global Communication Studies and the Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication hosted the symposium, Digital Methods, Ethical Challenges on October 10th, 2013 at the Annenberg School for Communication.


Welcome:Emad Khazraee, PhD Candidate, Drexel University

Panel 1: Digital Culture Transformations:

Hector Postigo, Temple University and Microsoft Research and Elizabeth Buchanan, University of Wisconsin- Stout

Panel 2: University Auspices and Vulnerable Populations

John Kelly, Harvard University and Morningside Analytics; Katy Pearce, University of Washington; and Randall Sell, Drexel University

Panel 3: Activism, Advocacy, and National Security: Justifying Separate Sets of Standards?

Kristene Unsworth, Drexel University; Rebecca MacKinnon, New America Foundation; and Christopher Wilson, the Engine Room

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