Video: Social Media & Civil Society in Iran with Babak Rahimi

//CGCS Media Wire in collaboration with the Annenberg School for Communication present a video from a noon-time seminar with Babak Rahimi, Associate Professor of Communication, Culture and Religion at U.C. San Diego’s Department of Literature, and the CGCS Iran Media Program’s Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.

In his September 21st talk, Babak Rahimi discussed recent research on Social Media & Civil Society in Iran.

“As part of my work, I focus on Iran as a case study of the relationship between civil society and media. While focusing on major political events in Iranian history, I am testing whether we are entering a post- liberal age of civil engagement in countries like Iran where new conceptions and practices of media, political activism and democracy are emerging amid major historical changes. What is ironic in the case of Iran is that such process is occurring under theocratic authoritarianism. What comprises and defines Iranian civil society? And how do social media play a role in new conceptions of civil society in Iran? In particular, what is the impact of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube on Iranian civil society and the broader global civil society (if such phenomenon exists)?”


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