Video: Transnational Communication about Climate Change with Mike Schäfer

//CGCS Media Wire in collaboration with the Annenberg School for Communication present a noon-time seminar with Mike S. Schäfer, Assistant Professor at the Department of Journalism and Communications at the University Of Hamburg, Germany. In his September 19th talk at ASC, Schäfer discusses results from his studies as well as research desiderata, pointing out open questions regarding credibility of science communication, regarding climate communication in online and social media environments, and regarding the analysis of international communication about climate change.

Dr. Schäfer then elaborated on the latter of these open questions: After describing the transnational character of climate change, he will present results from ongoing research which compares media representations of climate change from different countries around the world. Drawing from theoretical discussions about an emerging transnational public sphere, he presents a heuristic model of such a public sphere and apply it empirically on a large corpus of print media coverage.

Transnational Communication about Climate Change: Characteristics and Challenges of Climate Change Communication. A noon time talk at the Annenberg School for Communication at Penn.

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